Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fall Gardens

I've mentioned plenty of times that we live in the desert, so many of our themes and activities revolve around our seasons.  The summer time is not the ideal time to have a garden.  They simply just burn up. :)  So, now is the time when flowers and other gardens can flourish. 

Wheel barrow planter: Laundry scooper, bottle caps (hot glued on).  We planted basil in them!

I added some silk flowers and pictures of famous floral paintings to our art center.  The children used those as inspiration to become their own famous artist! 

Each painting special and unique in their own way. 


  1. I love that wheelbarrow planter!

    And the flower paintings are great. We're going to work on flower drawings or paintings this week.

  2. Love the planter, Jessi! I've got to try those!


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