Monday, November 1, 2010

Fall Fun

We don't see your typical fall weather around our neck of the woods, but why can't I teach the children about leaf color changes?  We love fall around here.  The temp goes from a sweltering 105 to a cool mid 70's in a matter of weeks.  It will be pure bliss for the next several months.  Many of our children visit the surrounding mountains that do show signs of fall, so it's not to far out of their reach.

Here are a couple of projects we've done in the past week:
Rolling "authentic" Indian Corn

Finished product: Cut a corn shape and add raffia for the husk
This one was one of my favs.  It is from  We strung them up and they look marvelous!
Acorn: We used glue water to brush on squares of tissue paper and used the edge of a Popsicle stick dipped in paint to make the "hat" of the acorn.

 Again, I failed to have my camera handy when we did a few other fun games/art projects. Here are some vague descriptions of some:
  1. Pumpkin Patch: Children make a fist (with their thumb tucked inside) and paint their fingers and stamp.  It'll have 4 bumps that will resemble a pumpkin.  After it dries they can add green stems and vines.  
  2. Shapely Scarecrow: Using different shapes, construct a scarecrow and add details such as button eyes, crinkle paper or raffia for hay, etc.
  3. Leaves: Using brown paper bags, cut out leaf shapes.  The children used fall colored crayons and colored all over them.  After, they painted over the leaf using a watered down brown paint.  When it dries, crumple like crazy, smooth out and voila! you have a authentic looking fall leaf.


  1. I love the corn roll painting. Maybe next year I could send you some fall leaves from our trees in Tennessee. We still have some color but it's fading now. (I lived for years in TX with no fall leaves and now I have an abundance!)

  2. That would be fantastic, Scott! And if there was anything from the desert you were looking for, I've got it! :)


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