Saturday, October 2, 2010

D for Dinosaur and Dead-beat Teacher

We all know the "week".  The week when there is too much going on, too many potty accidents, too little kind words being said, too much drama and a teacher (me) who doesn't have the energy to do it all.
My lesson plans this week looked so fun...on paper.  As the week begun I was motivated.  Then Monday happened.  Ugh.  I'm blaming it all on my 32 week pregnancy!

I did manage to do about half of what was on my lesson plan, but failed to take any pictures.
Anyways, if you would like to visualize some of our activities, maybe you'll have the energy to do them. :)

I was all gung-ho on making this incredible volcano that Teacher Tom has done...but that didn't happen.  I do know that I will eventually get to it, but probably not until the spring.

I have some incredible bones I found in the mountains while camping one fall.  I believe they are from a female elk, but we pretended they were dinosaur bones.  We explored them with magnify glasses and weighed them on a scale.

A really fun one was measuring out a 35 foot piece of string and laying it out in the hallway.  One of our books we read said this was the length of a "long neck's" neck.  We then laid next to it to see if we could be as tall, but we were short about another 7 students. :)

For a literacy activity, I glued pictures of dinosaurs on index cards, then wrote out the name of the dino on top.  I put them out with paper and pencils and the kids could copy the letters in the name and then attempt to draw the dino.  Boy, did they take this activity seriously.  

Here is a fun activity that we did .  The Dinosaur Stomp is what we were calling it.  I rolled out some paper, painted the bottoms of their feet and then they stomped around the paper.  A loud and messy activity ended my week with a smile and a relief that it was over. :)

Next week: Exploring our Desert! 


  1. You poor thing - I can't imagine keeping up with all you have on your plate and in the middle of it all - stopping to take photos!! You need to give the camera to one of the kids! LOL!

    I love the Dinosaur stomping!!

  2. I agree. I'd love to see what the kids photograph.

    Hope your week in the desert is a little calmer.

  3. Jessi 32 weeks and you are still painting. F is for fabulous. You are amazing!!! I still can't get over the fact that you can finger paint with all those kids. I know I would collapse with a pair of handprints on my cloths from a hug. Congrats on doing everything you're doing at 32 weeks. I will remember that in the coming weeks when I get tired!

  4. Wow, Jessi! We just finished our dino unit and I'm working on the post. I didn't get many pictures---it seemed that life got in our way, too. It happens and you just can't beat yourself up over it. I REALLY, REALLY wanted to do a fancy volcano like Tom's this year, too, but in the end, time and life got in the way and we just used the little one I always use. I'll bet that both you and the kids had fun and learned a little something, and that's what's most important! Take care and rest up and be proud of what you DID accomplish! :)


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