Tuesday, September 7, 2010

We've all gone BUGGY!

Bugs is such a popular theme with preschoolers.  As much as some of them freak out when they see a real one, like the grasshopper my aid brought in, they love to learn about them.  

Here are a few of our projects and activities we did last week:

Catapillars and Cocoons: Starting with pompoms hot glue them on a popsicle stick. Glue ribbon on the back to allow the children to wrap a cocoon around the catapillar.  I used ribbon with wire so it stays in place a bit better.

Butterflies coming out of a cocoon: tape a butterfly on a straw, tuck it in a tube (cocoon).  Cover one end of the tube with tissue paper.  Afterwards, the butterfly will "pop" out of the cocoon!  

Butterfly life cycle game: Start as an egg, crawl out as a caterpillar, wrap up in a cocoon, then emerge as a butterfly.  I use small pieces of tule clipped to a clothespin to clip to their back. 

Flyswatter Painting is always a favorite.  Simply fingerprint flies all over paper, then drizzle paint over the paper and swat away!  We took this project outside after a neighboring friend was splattered with paint inside. :)  We didn't get as brave as Teacher Tom did, but we had fun non the less.


Next up: Honeybees in their honeycomb!  Using bubble wrap (we used the large sized kind), roll paint on it, then press and print onto paper. After it dries, draw bees in each of their cells.  Great learning experience!

Bug Eyes: Cut out egg cartons, add pipecleaners to hold on your face.  Children can decorate them in any which way.  Very, very funny!  They laughed so hard as they "bugged" (as they called it) around the room. 

Worms!!!  I was gone this day...but it looked like they had a blast.  I heard there were lots of giggles and EWW's!!  


  1. Johnny really enjoyed bug week! I was suprised he wouldn't touch the worms. You never know with preschoolers! All weekend we were coming up with ideas for "c" week :) Thanks to you and Mrs Marci for making it such fun!

  2. Seth can't stop talking about bug week. Love the pictures!

  3. I came across your blog today (from pinterest) and so glad I did... you have so many great ideas! Would it be ok if I featured your Butterfly Life Cycle game on my Butterfly theme pages at www.prekfun.com? I'm currently updating my theme pages and need more ideas for the butterfly theme. Please let me know! I would be happy to link your idea/photo back to your blog and add a link to your blog along with your blog button on my homepage. Thanks!

    1. I'm so sorry I didn't reply when you wrote this! If it's not to late, you are more than welcome to use my idea, use a picture and link back to me. :) Thx!


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