Friday, September 17, 2010

Community Helpers

I love giving the children new "big" words to discover.  This week, it is community.  Most of the children in our school live in the same housing community, a few just outside.  So, to learn our word and the meaning of it, we talked mostly of helpers that are in and around the community the children live in.  We have a library, fire station, grocery store, school, hospital and a few others that we will incorporate into our weekly lessons.  

Traffic Lights:
  **This was a last minute project that needed little amount of time to complete.**
Strip of black paper, red/yellow/green paint,and something to make circles.  I choose empty applesauce cups. 

After our project we played Traffic Light Dance: Just like "freeze dance", but instead of turning the music off to freeze, the children looked at my signs that read, "Stop".  My favorite was the yellow light were they danced in slow motion.  

Fire!  After talking about fire safety we painted "fire".  Using yellow paper, red/orange paint we painted as fast as fire spread.  Then for fun, we used some paint scrapers to add designs.

ABC Collage:  This was a project we did when we were "Teachers for the day".  I asked them what they would teach children if they were teachers.  Some answers were, "Teach them Spanish.", "Teach them to be good.", "Teach them their letters if they don't know them.".  For our project we cut out letters from magazines.  I find this a great activity to help them with cutting skills, as it is trickier for them.  

Health Care Collage:  We talked about vets, nurses and doctors this day.  I gathered a few first aid items for them to glue.  We also discussed what each item is used for.  

It was a very fun week!  Next week: Construction (lots of fun activities!!)

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