Thursday, September 23, 2010

Can we build it? YES WE CAN!

I LOVE construction themes.  There are endless activities you can do...but I am only doing this theme for one week, so I had to choose some of my favorites along with some new ideas that I'm hoping will become favorites for years to come.
On Monday we played "Musical Tools", experimented with hammers and sanding.  If I was able to have an outdoor workspace, I would have these type of things all the time, but with my limited space and resources I have to do simple activities indoors.  Here are some photos:
Musical Tools: We set up the wrenches according to size and played it like a xylophone!

We used wooden golf tees to hammer into sturdy styrofoam pieces.  

I found that sanding blocks work so much easier than sand paper!
 An art project we did on Tuesday found its way to be very popular!  Having some blueprint copies that I found at T4T, we rolled construction vehicles over them.  

Some other activities thrown in here and there:

*Paint Swatch Matching
*Home Improvement ad collage
*Nuts and bolts (screw and unscrew, match correct sizes)-this activity is great for finger strength!
*Building structures with styrofoam: The first day we glued them, the second we painted them. 

We had such a fun week!  Tomorrow we take the day off from school and go on an all school (26 kids, siblings and parents) field trip to a youth art museum!

Next week: Dinosaurs are invading our class!!!



  1. Hi Jessi - My husband is a builder and I bet we have hundreds of old blueprints in our storage.

  2. I love the wrench xylophone! I can't wait to try it. Maybe today . . .

  3. These are some great ideas, Jessi. I love the xylophone and painting on blueprints.


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