Friday, September 10, 2010

Bears, Bears Everywere!

Teddy Bear Picnics, Bear Hunts and Feeding Bears were all part of our week. Along with studying bears, we talked a lot about the B sound and different words that make that sound.  It's such a fun sound to make...and so many silly sentences....Billy's Bugle Band blew bubbles before baking bread!  :)

Here are a few (I wasn't as quick with the camera this week) of our activities:

Cinnamon Bears:
I found a great template for "half" a bear...fold your paper in half, cut it out on the fold and "Wow! That was's a bear!". Then we used a concoction of red paint, corn syrup and cinnamon.  Very sticky and very messy! 

Going on a Bear Hunt:
We read the book "Going On A Bear Hunt" by Michael Rosen.  Through out the book the children each had an "instrument" to make the sounds of the adventures.  Ex.: Swishy Swashy Grass: Pom Poms (like a cheerleader)
River: Water bottle w/water (slosh it around)
Mud: Wet paper towel inside a Ziploc bag (squish it)
Forest: Rhythm sticks (hit the sticks like stumbling on sticks)
Snowstorm: Towel Tubes (blow thru)
Cave: Tubs, ex: margarine tub/coffee can (use fingers to tip toe on the lid)

B Pockets:
Using Publisher, I made pictures beginning w/ B.  Children cut them out, and put in a "pocket".  We also read "A Pocket for Corduroy" to associate the pocket.  It was amazing how much they remembered what words made the B sound after doing this (simple) project.

Fuzzy Wuzzy Bears: Using a bear template (really, I used way too many pre-made/template type projects this week..) attached cut up yarn.  I gave each child a long piece of yarn and had them cut it up and then slather white glue all over there bear.  It surprises me some days when a child is repulsed by paint or glue getting on their fingers. :)

A few games I made:

Mommy/Baby Match: Photographs (from Publisher/Google Image) of 4 distinct bears and cubs.  Laminate and have them match!  Easy and great with the little ones.

Feed the Bears:
Using a basket or hula hoop, I put a picture of a bear on the bottom and children could "feed" or really, throw toy fish into the basket.  Another simple, but fun (time-consuming) game!  :)

Next week: Community Helpers!!


  1. So many great ideas! I love the Feed the Bear game- so simple but I'm sure the kids love it!


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