Monday, August 2, 2010

Treasures 4 Teachers

Many of my blogger followers have read about my mention of Treasures 4 Teachers several times. This place is a teachers saving grace, a haven of reusable items and a place for never ending inspiration.  Just recently two things have happened.  One, they had an amazing article in Family Circle.  If you read this article and are inspired to open your own T4T in your city, I highly encourage you to contact Barb (owner).  Secondly, a most devastating disaster happened last week. Living in Phoenix there isn't much for weather (other than the heat), but we have had a doosey of a monsoon season!  Heavy rains soaked the roof of T4T and made it collapse. You can see a short news clip about the disaster here.  (Just scroll down to the right, under top stories look for Treasures 4 Teachers). 10,000 sq feet of office equipment, school supplies, copy machines, laminator, teacher supplies, etc. - gone.  The amazing thing is that Barb is so optimistic.  There are so many people out here that are willing to help store new donations that are streaming in (IKEA and Intel are huge contributors).  It's a sad story, but with an outlook of a happy ending. 
If you have the desire to help out teachers like T4T owner Barb does,keep in mind she started this venture out of her garage and now has enough stuff for a 10k+ sq. ft. building! You can do it, too!!

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