Thursday, August 26, 2010

A is for Apple

It's Apple week here at school, and it's one of my favorites (I'm finding that many other bloggers are just as excited about apples, too.).  

We started our week tasting red, green and yellow apples. We discussed differences/similarities between apples and then graphed our favorites.  Here are a few games I made and set out:

This game consisted of trees I had cut out of IKEA fabric, tongs, red pom pom's and a basket.  Children would use the tongs to remove the apples from the basket and place on the trees.  Then, they were able to "pick" (using tongs, again) the apples and place back in their basket.  I encouraged them to also count how many apples grew on each tree.

Another Apple Tree game, but with different materials.  Simply made tree with burlap and felt, laminated paper apples ( I made about 30) and basket.  This game has a lot of variety.  Sorting colors, patterning, adding/subtracting from the tree/basket, etc.  

Some other activities that were set out were these cool stencils I picked up at T4T. These nifty stencils were made from old planner covers and a die cut machine. 
 Twice a month I have parents make us different kinds of play-do, like, scented, colored and sometimes "stuff" added to it.  This week we have "Apple Pie Play-do".  Colored red  with cinnamon added for a delightful scent.  I set out some cut outs, but I think I'll look for some mini pie tins to make our own apple pie!

 Here are some of our art projects we worked on all week:
Apple Pie:
Tasty Apple Pie: Color pie crust using paint or crayons, glue "apples" (styrofoam packing peanuts) onto crust, drizzle glue all over then sprinkle cinnamon over the glue.  Mmmmm...the classroom smelled so good!  

Apple Tree's
Using some type of medical sponge, we painted green on paper then cut it out like a tree top

Using a wine cork, we stamped apples on our tree. We glued the tree top and a trunk on larger paper.

 Apple Stamping
I cut two apples to show either the "star" in the center, or give it the heart shape.  We had discussed the variety of apples earlier, so the children were able to tell which names belonged to the appropriate apple color. 

Apple Transfer 
This was my FAVORITE activity!!  Using the stencils I had mentioned above, we taped them to finger paint paper and painted the inside of the apple.  After that, the stencils were lifted off of the paper.

And then...we set a piece of yellow paper on top and rubbed our hands to allow the paint to transfer.  
So cool!!
 That's it for Apple Week!  Coming up next...BUGS!!! 


  1. Oooh, I love apple week too! I will borrow some of your ideas:)

  2. Wonderful apple activities. Loved your stencil idea, I like how you took it a step farther by transferring it. I'm sure the children loved it!

  3. Moving the red pompom "apples" to the trees - love that. A new idea for me. Looks like a fun week.

  4. Such wonderful ideas! I am doing an apple themed week next month- can I link to you when I do please?

  5. @Kara: Yes, please do! Thank you!!

  6. Love these activities and will be linking back to you on Monday.

  7. Those were awesome! Our B is Bears.

  8. These are great activities, will be doing them with my little ones. Thanks for sharing. Just pinned onto our Fall Baord.


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