Monday, August 16, 2010

Back to School! p.s. I'm pooped!

This was our first week back to school after some had a long summer break.  Of course, half of our students are new..which means starting all over teaching a group the ins and outs of preschool.  The 3's class really did us in this week.  They are an awfully busy bunch, but very fun!  For a few I think this new experience is over stimulating as they are playing with things for less than a minute, throwing it where ever and finding the next thing.  Teaching them to clean up when they are done before moving on to the next toy is way over their heads.  Fortunately, when we have clean up time, they get it. :)  What a joy the 4's and 5's have been!  They matured over the summer break and have a new understanding and a longer attention span!  Yay!  We've had a great time showing them the activities for "big kids", playing with new toys and meeting a few new friends.  

The first week back at school my lesson plan is very simple.  We played shape, color and number games, get to know each other games and I also plan activities that will "test" the kids and see what they know and if they know how to do things like cutting, gluing, use a pencil. Here are a few pictures of a few of our "simple" activities.

This one was done by a 4 year old.  I didn't instruct them to build or create.  I just set the materials out and he came up with this on his own.  What a difference a year makes! 

Number Pattern: Using a sentence strip I wrote 1, 2, 3 along the bottom in a pattern.  With bingo dobbers, the 4/5 class were able to make that many dots above the number.  This was a simple introduction to patterning, counting and color matching.  

Finger painting!  We read the book Mouse Paint before we painted.  Most of the 3's class know their colors, so we mixed two colors together to make a new color-MAGIC!

The 4's class used transparency paper to finger paint on.  Very fun!

Biodegradable peanuts are so cool...when you add water to them they melt!  We dipped them in water and then stacked them on some cardboard to make "sculptures".  It took us a few times to get the hang of it because if you add too much water, they completely melt!

The week has ended with a success!  Next week out theme is "All About Me!".   


  1. You had a busy week!! I am interested in hearing your ideas for all about me week - we do that in about 2 weeks here!

  2. No wonder you are pooped. That's a lot of fun you've been having.

  3. We start back in just under a month so it's lovely to be getting some fresh beginning of year ideas ahead of time. Thank you.

  4. I like the idea of finger painting on transparency paper :) Sounds like your first week was fun . . . I'm a little jealous since I'm in limbo land and not teaching right now. Can't wait to see what you'll be up to next week!

  5. I've always felt pooped during the first week of school, but this is the first time I've run a summer program. I wonder if I'll feel that way this year or am I "in condition."

  6. great ideas, i'll definitely try these out with my younger preschoolers


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