Friday, August 20, 2010

All About Me! Me! Me! Me!

Week 2 is off to a great start.  The 3's class have found activities they really enjoy (which holds their attention a bit longer) and the 4's class are finding their groove.  This week our theme is All About Me.  I've also combined family life and friendship into this week, because that is what makes a person too, right??  

We started off by taking all of our heights and weights, which they loved!  We compared each others "numbers" and also found friends that were the same as us!  I like to keep track of what their heights/weights are from the beginning of the year, middle and then again near the end.  It is amazing how much these little munchkins grow!  

On Monday, we read the book, I Like Me by Nancy Carlson.  My favorite line in the book says, I try and try again!  This is a line I use through out the year.  It comes after a child says, "I can't do it", "I don't know how to do it". In turn I say, "Yes, you can. I want you to try and try again.".  And wouldn't you know it...they CAN do it!  :)

Tuesday we made self portraits.  I like to keep these and use them in an end of the year project.  We talk about what color skin we have, color eyes/hair/mouth, etc.  We graph these as well.  We also made family portraits in our journals.  

Wednesday we made our fingerprints and examined the swirls and lines. We also talked about how everyone has a different print, and then compared ours to others. 

Thursday was about friends and how we can have MANY friends and SHARE friends.  A few books we read showcased just that.  One of our activities was to make our hand print on each of our friends papers.  We are also trying to learn all of our new friends names, so I wrote their names on their hand prints.  

Friday was fun day.  We played a lot of our favorite group games, read some great books, practiced writing our names and made a sticky gooey painting.  My consistency was a bit different this time, but none the less, just as fun!  p.s. It dries very shiny!!
Concoction: Shaving Cream, White Glue, Paint


We mixed in a lot of name games, listening/moving games, songs, stories, etc into our week as well.  One of our favorite new ones is games with beanbags! If you don't have this CD, I highly recommend it!  (Be was made in the late 70's/early 80's, so the music is very "funky".)

Next week: A is for Apple!


  1. We are going to do all about me week soon and I am definitely going to be borrowing some of your ideas!

  2. I've not seen doing fingerprints on a hand shape (although it seems obvious now). We usually make prints on a piece of paper and examine them - but I like the idea of printing each finger on a hand shape. Thanks for the new (to me at least) idea.

  3. I adore that finger HAND print. Fantastic idea!

  4. My favorite line is when the pig says she likes her curly tail.

    You're getting messy right away, Jessi!


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