Friday, July 9, 2010

Down on the Farm

Cows, horses and pigs - Oh My!  This week is one of my favorites.  There is so much to do with a farm theme.  Here are a few of our projects we did this week:

1.  Churning Butter:  In a clean baby food jar pour half full with heavy whipping cream.  Children shake for approx. 5-10 min., then magically it will turn into butter!  You can add salt if desired, but we didn't and it tasted great!  We made toast and spread it on.  They were able to take the rest home and share with their family members.  

2.  Muddy Pigs:  Finger paint with chocolate pudding!  I didn't tell them it was pudding, so when I told them to lick them fingers when they were finished I got some funny looks.  Mmmm...tasty art!

This is where a picture would be, but I was full of pudding....

3. Udderly Art: Poke small holes in the fingertips of latex gloves.  Fill partially with paint, close up the top with a clip or rubber band.  Children can "milk" the glove and have it drip and squirt on paper. This project was fun after about the 5th child.  It wasn't very easy to get the paint into each finger, may I suggest NOT doing individual colors in each finger, but one color in different gloves.  This will make the project go by much faster and much easier to prepare. 

4. Games: Egg/Spoon Relay, Milk Bucket Boogie(directions below), Farm Animal Charades and Clothespin Drop.  

          Milk Bucket Boogie: Relay style game.  Each team gets two buckets, one empty, one filled with with packing peanuts and a scoop.  Team member runs to designated spot where the filled bucket is and scoops out some "milk" then carefully runs/walks back to his team where the empty bucket is.  We never call winners, just wait for each team to finish and then all celebrate. It is a fun and silly game.

5. Milking a Cow:  Although my cow milking wasn't as cool as Teacher Tom's, but,we had fun non the less.  Fill a latex glove with water, poke small holes in the finger tips and tie to the middle of a broom stick (held parallel to the ground).  Or you can just hold it.  :)  Let the kids "milk" the fingers of the gloveVery, very fun!  Near the end I "accidently" squirted the kids!!  

Again, no hands were "udderly" full!  Hahahaha!!!

Our home center (dramatic play area) was turned into a Farmers Market, we had farm puzzles out, farm songs, music, books, etc as well for all to enjoy.   


  1. Looks like fun. The "milking" art also looks messy!

  2. Hey, thanks for the link Jessi! I wound up using diluted liquid water color in my cow's udders yesterday. Fun, but like you, no pics!

  3. I love the udderly art. We will be doing our farm unit around aug. and the county fair. I will be using this idea. Thanks

  4. Jessi, this looks like so much fun. I love doing the farm unit!

  5. I am going to use the udder painting activity tomorrow, I hope my preschoolers like it. It looks like a lot of fun,I plan to use black construction paper with white paint.

  6. i LOVE the udder painting, we did farm about three weeks ago and the kids LOVED everything about it. i wish i would have seen this before then; but theres always next year!

  7. I love the udderly art. We will be doing our farm unit around aug. and the county fair. I will be using this idea. Thanks


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