Thursday, July 15, 2010

3-2-1 BLAST OFF!

We're soaring into outer space this week!  Planets, moons, stars, martians, meteor showers and astronauts have invaded the classroom....

Activity #1: Rocket wrist band
I found a rocket template copied it onto card stock and had the children cut and color it.  Next we added some gold foil wrapping paper to the bottom for flames and then attached it to a cut paper tube (for the wrist band).  The children flew their rockets around the room forever!

Activity #2: Martian Play dough
I added Mr. Potato Head pieces to the play dough center.  They were able to add features to their play dough to make martians/aliens.  This was a big hit!

 Activity #3: Constellations
Mini marshmallows and pretzel sticks toothpicks.  Sticky and yummy. :)
       (we were unable to make this activity...our bag of marshmallows had melted together.)

Activity #4: More Constellations
Simple: You can use foil star stickers, but we used the eraser end of a pencil and sparkly silver paint to make stars and then used chalk or white crayons/colored pencil to connect the stars.  

Activity #5: Meteor Shower
Using either crumpled paper (newspaper works great) or balled up CLEAN socks, have a meteor shower!  Children can either throw them around or use them on a parachute (or king sheet) and throw them up into the air.  

Activity #6: Space Walk
Using a large parachute (or king sheet) have a child walk around the top of it while the rest shake the parachute.  It will look like they are walking in space (it's hard to balance their walking in this game).  Very funny to watch! :)

Activity #7: Moons
We were going to make a clay that hardened, but then I remembered I had a ton of black and white play-do. We mixed them together to make gray.  It was very cool to see it marble.   Make craters in your moon with either pencil tip, marble or your finger.  Next, add a small paper toothpick American Flag!  


  1. Love the play dough with Mr. Potato Head pieces! I've never seen that before. What a great idea.

  2. Look at all you guys did with that theme! Inspiring, Jessi, and all with simple materials. Lucky, lucky kids!

  3. @Scott: They had so much fun doing the "alien" heads. The giggles were bounding!
    @Deborah: Thanks! It was a great concept to learn the color gray, too.
    @Tom: We did do a lot...and it was very,very busy! :) Thanks!

  4. I love the constellations idea! That is definitely one we will use in the near future! I've been wanting to introduce my son to the very basics of astronomy and the stars, and this is the perfect way! Thanks for the great idea!

  5. LOL, I love your wrist rockets! That is a riot! My kids would love this...I am definitely doing this and I want one, too!
    I think we will play it to a Space Oddesy CD.


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