Thursday, May 13, 2010

Taking a step back

I was busy helping a child at the art center when I heard, "Oh my gosh, they dumped out all the toys!".  Generally this is common with our 3's class, but this was in our 5 1/2 year old class.  I got up to take in the damage and tell them they can't do that, they need to clean it up, blah, blah, blah.  I'm moody, okay! 

So, I approached and found this on the floor (this is only part of what I found): I know, really, not a big deal....but I was shocked!

And then, I saw the empty bin holder...10 bins gone!
 So, as I took a deep breath and kindly reminded myself, that I am Messy Jessi, I stopped and listened.  Maybe they had a plan?  Well, they did.  This is what I heard, "Okay, now that they are all emptied, we can organize them back into their proper bins.".  Really???  That is what my precious angels were up to?  Okay, so now I felt like a real moron.  Carry on.  

Here, I document the incredible sorting and organizing my amazing children did:
Okay, so I received my big lesson.  Taking a step back, not being so CONTROLLING and letting them behave in their natural state.  I forget that sometimes.  I'm just going to blame my insanity on the pregnancy...I can do that, right? :) 


  1. LOL ;)

    Sounds familiar around my house too!

  2. Way to slow down and listen! Reading this I can't help but wonder how many times, in a weak moment, I've rushed in to judge without taking the time to listen. This will make me a better teacher tomorrow. Thanks.

  3. I think we all know that "ack!" moment that come before "a ha".

  4. so often i find this in my house.... i physically take a step back and realise they are learning, playing together, encouraging and having fun! and really, does it REALLY matter how much i will have to tidy up later ;)?
    love it :)

  5. I am so ready to rush in and make pronouncements. You did a great job of pausing and listening. I've adopted a new phrase that I use often: "Tell me what's going on over here." (Spoken in a calm, inquisitive manner) It makes me pause to listen and gives them time to talk about their thinking. It has really helped me take a step back and let go.

  6. Oh yeah you go girl ... you can blame pregnancy on aaaannnyytthhinng you like!!!
    Donna :) :)

  7. Way to go! Messy still doesn't mean free-for-all.
    It's because they have had a great example and know there is a process to everything that they are learning well. Messy doesn't have to say that way-even kids can appreciate that!
    Great post...

  8. Wow, a team of little sorters. Fantastic
    From Alissa@ Excuse Me Mrs.C!

  9. Awww! You must feel so lucky to have such great students! That is the cutest thing ever. I definitely have had those moments where I didn't realize that the students intentions were the best even if they were driving me crazy at that moment.


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