Monday, March 8, 2010

Newish Art Center

The most popular center in school: Free Art!  This area is used almost all day long.  I am replenishing this area at least 3 times a week.  This past Saturday I volunteered and shopped at Treasures 4 Teachers and found an awesome treasure (well, more like 50).  I was able to snag a bin organizer for a lot less than at Target.  I brought that to school with me early this morning and started the transformation.  I kept the small shelf for things like scissors, glue, markers, stencils, crayons, tape, etc, etc.  I filled the bins with collage materials, construction paper scraps, lunch bags, coffee filters, chopsticks, old cards (shamrocks and pooh/friends spring pic) and many other odd art materials.  The morning class was already a magnet (which was awesome because out of all 3 of my classes, they are the least likely to spend time there).  I can't wait to see the look on my afternooners faces!  I always offered a plethora of stuff in the art center, but it never was organized and easily accessible.  

Thank you T4T for being a place of inspiration.  I have become better at being an open-ended teacher and thank you for all the hard work you do to give us the opportunities to give to all of the children in our care!


  1. I see you've got some really fun stuff in there---and I notice you have coffee filters! :)

  2. Hi Jessi,

    I heard that you swooped up the shelf unit :) It looks great! Thank you for your mention of T4T and for volunteering on Saturday. I hope you received a Treasure Box. Would you like to deliver a Treasure Box to each teacher in your school? If so, come on by and we will hook you up :)

  3. never thought that a small shelf can be put alot of stuff on it. Nice and neat organize :)

  4. Looking good!!! I would be ready to dig in an create:)

  5. Looks so fun and inviting.

    (Wishing for a T4T close to me....)

  6. That looks so kid friendly! Excellent Job! The kids are going to love it! I love how areas in the room keep evolving...our little ones really let us know how they use the space just like what works for us in our own homes.
    I'm excited for you and them!


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