Friday, March 19, 2010

Living in the Desert

Many people think of the desert as a hot and drying place.  Well, yes, that is true...BUT, there is a lot of beauty in it as well.  This week I visited the Desert Botanical Gardens with my hubby.  It was a place for us to get some ideas to spruce up our backyard.  We try to incorporate drought tollerant plants in our landscape.  There are many beautiful plants out there with so much color, fragrance and easy on our water shortage. Here are some pictures from our trip.  Happy Spring from the Desert!


  1. Isn't that a gorgeous place? i love some of the natural landscaping in Tucson that i've seen - beautiful desert plants that don't suck up too much water :) Post photos of your backyard once you're done sprucing!!

  2. I love the desert. I visited Arizona with my family this past Thanksgiving and was amazed by the beauty. It is certainly very different from the coastal area where we live. I'm also interested in trying to do natural landscaping with plants that are native to southwest Florida.

  3. I am a desert fanatic. I love nothing more than an early morning desert hike. My wife is getting a little tired of it, but I keep insisting that all of our family vacations be to places like Arizona, Palm Springs or the Baja Peninsula so I can get my fill of desert hiking. My wife and daughter used to sleep in, but now they've started joining me. It's the only time I ever feel like I get fully "dried out" from the damp Pacific Northwest!

  4. I love the new blog look!
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    Thanks for all you share!


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