Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Happy Birthday to the Good Doctor!

"A persons a person no matter how small!"
~Horton Hears a Who

What a better way to learn rhyming than with Dr. Seuss? Especially when it's silly! We began a unit of Dr. Seuss yesterday, on his birthday. The class is full of fun and very silly activities.

1. Oobleck! There are many recipes online. Some are made with cornstarch, some with liquid starch, borax and/or glue. We have a product called BioPutty that you mix with BioColor paint (this was given to us...I think it is from Discount School Supply) that we used. It was a big hit!

2. Cat in the Hat hats! I've tried many different ways to make hats each year. Last year there was the brown grocery sack, this year it's poster board. I don't recommend the poster board. It was too heavy and seemed to flop backwards.

3. Stripes on Cat's Hat w/play dough: Laminate a picture of a hat. Using play dough, roll stripes to place on the hat.

4. Green Eggs and Ham rhyming matching game: Using an egg and ham clip-art, put rhyming pictures on them. Ex. Bee/Tree: Put the bee on the ham and the tree on the egg.

5. One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish Art/Science Project (between you and me, I'm not sure how this is going to turn out...) Mix corn syrup with blue food color or colored paint. Paint on a premade fish bowl, then add two fish (red/blue). Directions told us to put wax paper underneath to catch extra paint and it's suppose to dry easier that way. We are to wait days (dreadful!) before taking it home. The paint was fun, sticky and made a great MESS!

6. Balancing Act: Practice balancing on a beam (or strip of tape on the floor), balance on one foot, use bean bags to balance on your head/back/belly/foot/hand


  1. that's really something, awesome mess. Envy you :)

  2. Wow, there's a whole Dr. Seuss curriculum here!

    I've tried that corn syrup painting before. It takes DAYS to dry. The paintings have a nice shiny finish. I've stopped using brushes because they're so hard to clean -- we always do with with Q-tips on tag board. The wax paper makes sense.

  3. How fun! What creative ways to celebrate Dr. Seuss' bday! Thanks for the shout out to BioColor paint and BioPutty from Discount School Supply. It's so fun to see our products in action in such innovative ways! Looks like a blast!
    Thanks for sharing,
    Laurel from Discount School Supply

  4. Ms. Jessi~
    I love the great ideas you've posted for Seuss. You are right about making the hats---I make them different each year. I think this year's (lunch bags) have worked out best for me.

    Don't you LOVE, LOVE, LOVE BioColor paint? There is nothing like it! I could probably be a spokesperson for it, and I haven't had any in a couple of years! I love the way you can intertwine the colors without them mixing. Great stuff!

  5. I love the play dough hat mats! I wish I had thought of that about a month ago! Thanks for sharing a link to your post on my linky today:)


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