Monday, February 8, 2010

Post Office

This has been such a great school year. I've been able to add a M-F afternoon class that has children who missed the Kindergarten cutoff by a few months and children who turn 5 mid year. This class has been such a joy and challenge! They really LOVE to do free art, use the writing center, tape things all over the classroom, set up a doctors office with phones and paper to jot down appointments, and so much more. This week I am surprising them with a post office. I have large envelopes, greeting cards/envelopes, paper,number stamps for address', cash register, make your own postal stamps, post office aprons and mail carrier bags. I got the majority of these items from my favorite place, Treasures 4 Teachers. Check your local area if you have something like this, it is heaven sent!

Here is some of what I've set up:

Here is play in action:

Addressing Mail

Stamping the 'address' of the recipient

Mail is being stamped and paid for.

Mail is being delivered!


  1. I'm setting up a post office in dramatic play this week. Can't wait to try some of these great ideas!:)

  2. The Post Office is always a busy productive dramatic play area! You might consider having the children make a mail box or individual mail pockets. Adds sorting and a plethora of other skills to the play :)
    Ps Ms.Jessi you are my kind of teacher! getting down, dirty and silly!!! Love it!!!!

  3. Thanks for the idea Miss Jojo! :)

  4. Looks like fun...I wish I could be a kid in your class. :) Those are some lucky kids that you have!

  5. I posted my Valentines's Day activities, which included our post office center. By the way, I mention your blog in the post. Thanks for sharing your great ideas!

  6. Ahh...thanks Monica! :)
    Ayn, Thank you!! :)


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