Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Owls At Night

My favorite theme- Owls! We read some very, very cute owl books, hunted for "owl facts", sang owly songs, and of course, made a fun and somewhat messy project. Here are some of the books we read today:

Here is a cute song we had a lot of fun singing:

Wise Old Owl
(tune of Frere Jacques)
Wise Old Owl, Wise Old Owl
In the tree, In the tree
Who-oo are you winking at? Who-oo are you winking at?
Is it me? Is it me?

We then tried winking at each other. This really tied in with the book, The Littlest Owl because it was about trying something and never giving up. We have a saying in our class, "Try and Try Again!". After you have tried and still have a hard time doing the task, we say, "I tried, but I need help.".

Here is our project:
Owl At Night

Start with a black piece of construction paper. Rub a piece of chalk all over it, then smudge it with an eraser or paper towel. Glue on a moon.

Next, using thinned black paint pour some on the bottom of the paper and then tilt the paper up/down and side to side. The paint will run and resemble a spooky tree at night. After that, I had the children color/cut out an owl clip art. If time allows, you could have the children make their own owl to glue on the tree.

They loved how each tree looked different and how spooky they looked!


  1. I love the tree! What a great process!

  2. We love Owl Babies at our house! So good for when you need the reminders that Mamas always come back :)

  3. We have OWL BABIES and OWL MOON. These are great crafts to do with them, Thank-you!

  4. I do Owl Babies, one of my favorites. I take a pine cone and stuff all the cracks with polyfill add wiggly eyes and orange construction paper beak.

  5. Wow!! How Great!! These have so many possibilities... I can't wait to try it!!

  6. The trees look so cool. I love owls, too!


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