Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tea Party

I was just browsing through some pictures and came about this one. About a month ago one of my classes "earned" a party. I allowed them to come up with ideas and then we voted. By a land slide tea party won. Since this class is all girls but one boy, they were tickled pink! They were so excited to dress up in fancy dresses, bring a favorite stuffed friend and drink tea(lemonade) in real tea cups! I told my boy that he could wear a tie...he was sooo excited! So, when you think of tea parties...don't forget boys! They get just as excited to wear their best and bring their best (in this case it was Yoda).

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  1. Hi Ms. Jessi - how cute is that! We used to have a mother's tea at our school. The mom's and daughters got all dressed up. We didn't think of doing it for the boys:)

    I need to check and see if you are on my blog roll - I will make sure you are!


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