Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sugar Cube Sculptures

If you have ever done this project, you know how messy this can get. Sugar cubes and white glue. Sticky, stucky, ooey, gooey, sparkly and tasty were some of the words I heard coming out with this project. Yes, I said tasty. I let them taste some of the "crumbs" before we got "gluey". I gave them a piece of cardboard, glue and sugar cubes to let them create. Some said they made ice castles, some were igloos, dog houses, superhero hideouts, and just simply 'my home'.


  1. You really do like getting messy! Even I might be hesitant about this one . . . But now you've made me want to try it. =)

  2. I would love to do this in the future as an igloo project! My son would just eat them right!

  3. i've done this many times with kids, but i find it much better using a mixture of water and icing(confectioner's) suger to make an edible mixture as strong as glue.


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