Friday, January 8, 2010

SPLAT! went the Ice Cream

1. Using a mixture of shaving cream, finger paint, and gooey white glue, finger paint on paper.

2. This mixture resembles kids puffy paint (not the stuff you embellish t-shirts with). It is really sticky, gooey, funny, and silly. (words the kiddos used when describing the "ice cream")

3. Add a brown triangle to resemble an ice cream cone. Oops! I dropped my ice cream....can I have another? :)


  1. I think this stuff is way better than puffy paint. It must be the glue, but it dries so much more puffy.

    Brilliant idea to call it ice cream! We just used it as snow.

  2. What are the quantities that you use for each of the ingredients?

  3. Melissa- I didn't really measure, I just squeezed into a bowl. :) I filled the bowl with shaving cream, added two spoonfuls of fingerpaint and squeezed about 3-4 Tbls of glue. Then I stirred it up. It has the oddest consistency, but it works! Good luck!

  4. Love this. Can't wait to try it.


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