Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Snow Lion

Today I read the book Snow Lion by David McPhail. We don't get snow here in Phoenix, so we could relate to the lion who lives in the hot jungle and has to travel to the hills to cool off. Many of my students told me of their adventures to the snow with their families. Madilyn said she was throwing snowballs at her mommy, Pearce said he went down a hill on a sled and hit a bump and hurt his 'bun bun' and lots of them told me they tasted snow.

I got out my air popper and told the kids we were going to make some snow of our own-and then eat it! Wow! Were they ever excited! :) When it started to pop, I took the lid off and let the 'snow' fly in the air. **If you try this, make sure children sit far away. Kernels are hot and can fly on them.

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