Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I love the mess, but not the clean up

I've always been a pretty brave and open-minded teacher. But there are things that I've stayed away from because of the work it takes to clean it up. I don't mind making messes, it's the cleaning up afterwards.
Since starting my new interest in blogs, I've come across some amazing teachers, parents, and other peeps talking about the crafts and activities they have done with their little ones. I'm determined to become more brave than I have been in the past. So....with out delay here are some pics of what we did today....

Okay, so maybe to you it's not so weird....but do you know how messy styrofoam and white elmer's glue can get????


  1. Wow you are extremely brave today and the structure turned out awesome! It looks like great fun (mess and all)!

  2. Thanks, Deborah! The best part was seeing their faces when they showed their parents, and then the look the parents gave me. ;)

  3. LOVE this! So glad I found your blog!

  4. Great job on the mess! Yes it is messy but think of all the long hours of fun and most of all learning. Some times those that work with me dread the messes I make with kids, but I always tell them the mess is easer than when they do not having enough to do and we all know what that can be like.

  5. This is great! Mess or not, I'll bet they had a great time creating.


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